about freya

Freya Skye is an 11 year old singer, songwriter, model and presenter from Hertfordshire, UK.

Freya began performing at the tender age of 4 Years old where she attended a Performing Arts Academy for 6 Years. Noticing that there wasn't just a general love for the arts Freya's burst of personality supported her confidence as she grew. Always singing at every chance she gets her family made the move from the South Coast for Freya to attend a prestigious Performing Arts School near London where she could excel in her craft.

During the past couple of years she has been able to work alongside some fantastic people in the industry to be able to develop her own music. In November 2020 she made her debut single, "Show Some Love" by premiering a music video online Youtube to her ever growing following of young people supporting her from around the world. As the powers of social media continue to rise Freya enjoys like any child does to make her Videos on TikTok and share her everyday life with her happiness and fun by a click of a button! Instagram began to be a fantastic platform to share and connect and by the New Year of 2021 the wheels were in motion for her second music video for the next drop of her new track "Famous".

Freya is a hard working 11 year old with commitment and drive, she expresses so much energy and passion for everything she sets her heart in doing. Like any child she enjoys time snuggled up with her dog Ruby, watching movies and doing makeup. She is passionate about her education and keeps a well balanced focus on everything she does from her creativity to her homework! The most exciting part is that she is just starting, amongst the fun of singing and making music Freya has successfully entered the entertainment industry as a triple threat and continues to rise in areas alongside her music in Print Modelling, Fashion, Presenting and Acting. 

Freya looks forward to transitioning into Secondary School later this year, continuing on her adventures with her music, making her videos and wishes to board a plane and visit the USA before the year draws to a close as her final goal set of 2021. 


Fun Facts about Freya

•    Freya is an only Child but has a fursister named Ruby 

•    Freya has only lost 2 teeth naturally. She has had to have all the others pulled out at the dentist!

•    She would eat macaroni cheese and peas everyday if she was allowed

•    She met Ella Henderson and was so nervous to ask for a picture 

•    She loves watching The Norris Nuts on YouTube

•    Friday night movie night with her family is her fav time of the week

•    Freya's fav chocolate is Cadbury Dairy Milk

•    She is the most ticklish person you will ever meet 

•    She would spend her  life in Pj’s if she could

•    Nandos is her fav takeaway